To prolongate life of trees with defects and to keep their aeshetical, functional and biological values, stabilisation systems need to be used by arborists. Trees with cabling/bracing systems or props need permanent controlls and management.

Shared Database of Stabilised Trees makes possible to keep track on installed stabilisation systems in shared access by Arborist and Partner (Tree Owner/Manager).

Have an exact overview on your installed stabilisation systems, plan and provide regular checks and replace the expired bonds in intervals, recommended by producers. Help the arboricultural community by sharing your data and improving the quality of provided work.

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About project

The SDST program was created as a special intellectual output of the TeST European Arboricultural Standards project. The data is stored using the existing industry portal www.CheckTrees.com.


Neither the partners nor the providers of the portal guarantee the quality, content or accuracy of the data recorded on the portal by registered Arborists and Partners.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union